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Praha City Center
Klimentská 1216/46
110 02 Praha 1
Czech Republic

+420 224 241 585

Executive Board

Shlomo Cohen – CEO of Start Group Ltd.; vice-president of Dizengoff Trading 1952 Ltd.
A civil engineer since 1970 with long experienced in international real estate, Shlomo Cohen is vice-president of the real estate division of Dizengoff Trading 1952 Ltd. Cohen works in Israel, Europe and USA.

Menashe Zelicha - President and CEO of Dizengoff Trading 1952 Ltd.
According to Dunn & Bradstreet, Dizengoff Trading 1952 Ltd., with real estate projects in Israel as well as internationally, counts among the top 50 Israel companies. Dizengoff also participates in the Israeli commodities market. 
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David Nimrodi – CEO of Shitufit Construction Co. Ltd.
An experienced engineer, David Nimrodi founded Shitufit Construction Co. Ltd. in 1986. The company specializes in implementing the highest standards and specifications in the most complicated projects.
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Ranni Gorelik - Manager
Ranni Gorelik, who is active in the USA, Israel, Spain, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, has extensive international experience in financing and development.