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Praha City Center
Klimentská 1216/46
110 02 Praha 1
Czech Republic

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9. 3. 2016 – Nové Chabry C and D – Final building approval achieved!
The residential projects Nové Chabry – Villahouses C with 58 units and the Nové Chabry – Villahouses D with 60 units have been granted final occupancy approval. Their new owners will begin moving in during spring 2016. Proof of the project’s uniqueness and popularity is above all the fact that during the time occupancy approval was being granted, an incredible 80 % of apartments had already been sold!
10. 10. 2015 – New face of Nové Chabry
The sale of apartments in the new Phase E of our successful Nové Chabry project was launched on 10. 10. 2015 at 10.10 am. Phase E, which comes with a completely new face, contains 112 apartments over five above-ground storeys. Furthermore, residents can take advantage of reserved motorbike parking spaces and areas for washing bicycles and your pet’s paws.
We plan to complete this phase during the 4th quarter of 2017.
20. 10. 2014 – Nové Chabry Villahouses C and D – Contruction started
Construction permit for Villahouses C – 58 units was issued by the Municipality of Prague 8 on 26th June 2014. General supplier, company SWIETELSKY stavební s.r.o., has started construction. Due date is set for spring 2016. Ground works are underway and implementing project documentation is being processed now. Construction permit for Villahouses D – 58 units was issued by the Municipality of Prague 8 on 17th July 2014. General supplier, company SWIETELSKY stavební s.r.o., has started construction. Due date is set for spring 2016. Ground works are underway and implementing project documentation is being processed now.
3. 9. 2014 – Nové Chabry Villahouses C – sale started
We have just started sale of third phase of our successful project in Dolní Chabry. Villahouses C offer 58 new flats 1+kitchenette – 4+kitchenette with balcony, terrace or garden. We would like to start construction yet this year with finish to be planned for spring 2016.
7. 5. 2014 – Nové Chabry Villahouses B – Construction started
Building permit for Villahouses B – 80 flats was issued by the Municipality of Prague 8 on 7th May 2014. General supplier SWIETELSKY stavební s.r.o. has started construction. Deadline is determined for autumn 2014. Now, ground and topsoil overburden works take place on the plot.
3. 3. 2014 – Nové Chabry Villahouses B – sale starts
The sale of second phase flats of our successful project has been officially started. We would like to initiate construction of Villahouses B already this spring while finishing of the project is planned for autumn 2015.
6. 1. 2014 – Nové Chabry Villahouses A – Construction started!
On 6th December, Municipality of Prague 8 issued building permit for construction of Villahouses Nové Chabry. General supplier Swietelsky started ground and excavation works. Construction of new apartments will be finished in March 2014.
1. 12. 2013 – Kejřův Park 2 – Approval achieved!
Only one year since construction of Kejřův Park 2 started we have already sold 70% of flats! This fact is one of many proofs of our project’s uniqueness. We hereby would like to thank everybody who in any way cooperate on this project and to our clients without whom none of this success would be reached, of course.
5. 9. 2013 – Nové Chabry – sale started
Official start of sale of first 88 flats in our brand new location in Prague 8 Dolní Chabry. The construction will include four low-rise apartment blocks with underground parking and cellars. Each flat will offer front yard, terrace or balcony. The complex will also comprise small business center with shops and a restaurant, nursery school, cycling track and playground. Finishing of first phase is planned for spring 2015.
30. 5. 2013
On Wednesday 29th May, 2013, press conference took place in Kejřův park premises, with the participation of Prague City Hall, Municipality of Prague 9 and Star Group Company. Together they introduced new leisure and sport area in Hořejší lake vicinity in Hloubětín. Six-year cooperation resulted in revitalization of the whole area.
1. 4. 2013 - Kejřův Park 2 - rocedure of work
Construction of 5th floor has been finished. In the following days, works on truss and roof will be done. Internal partitions are being done on 3rd floor and lower. Water supply distribution, sewerage, electric distribution, air-conditioning system and heating have been finished on 1st floor.
8. 3. 2013 - Kejřův Park - last flats for sale!
Just seven months after finishing of the project, 95% of flats have been sold. In current conditions on real estate market it is a proof of Kejřův Park project quality. The following second phase has every precondition to continue in success.
15.10.2012 – Kejřův Park - construction has started
General supplier, Swietelsky stavebni s.r.o., started construction of 2nd phase of Kejruv Park consisting of 88 new flats. The construction site has already been handed over and the date of completion was set on February 2014.
3.9.2012 – Kejřův Park 2 – New flats for sale!
Sales of new flats in the next phase of Kejřův park have begun. During the last phase of the successful project, 88 completely new and modern flats will be built; this will take 18 months. Earthwork has already begun.
28.6.2012 – Kejřův Park – Approved!
Kejřův Park, with 135 housing units, was approved and finished two months ahead of schedule. New owners will start taking over the first flats over during summer holidays. As of the date of approval more than 70 % of all housing units have been sold.
1.3.2011 – Nové Chabry – Land-use decision
The planning department and building control in Prague 8 issued a land-use decision for the first 400 housing units in the project Rezidence Chabry. In the following years an entirely new residential area with a children's playground, nursery school, shops and restaurant will be built.
1.11.2010 – New residential development Kejřův Park in Prague 9 begun
Construction of all five buildings of the new project have commenced at the same time. 135 completely new flats will be built in the middle of a forest park on Hořejší rybník. The unique project will be finished in summer 2012.
1.3.2008 – Project Kejřův mlýn successfully finished and approved
More than 80% of the flats have been sold with the first owners taking them over in the near future.