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We understand real estate - not only in the Czech Republic but also worldwide. We have experience, we know the real estate market and our successes prove it. We are professional and aim for the highest standards in our field.

In our time trends are changing rapidly. Therefore, we think not only about the present but also the future. We like to let our results speak for themselves. We stand behind each of our projects and know that we have provided our customers with the best.

We are Star Group.
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12. 1. 2024
We are pleased to inform that during the first 2 months of sales, 25% of the total of 120 apartments in phase H has already been signed! Thanks to this, we are speeding up the preparation process of the phase I with another 122 apartments for sale, as well as the start of construction of both phases of the project. You can still choose your favorite apartment in Nove Chabry among the first at!
30. 4. 2023
Today, all companies of Star Group finally moved to new representative offices in Palladium in Prague city centre. The new registered seat of all the companies as well as new correspondence and blling address with effect from 1 May 2023 is therefore: 
Na Poříčí 1079/3a
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic