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Our values

Commitment. Respect. Safety. Excellence. Home.

We are Star Group.

Board of Directors

Tal Grozner
A qualified lawyer with extensive experience in commercial law, he has been active in the Czech and international real estate market since 2003.

Executive Board

Shlomo Cohen
Civil engineer of Dizengoff Trading 1952 Ltd.
Civil engineer with experience in international real estate. He is Vice President of the Real Estate Division of Dizengoff Trading 1952 Ltd.
Menashe Zelicha
President and CEO of Dizengoff Trading 1952 Ltd.
The president of the Israel-based company is among the top 50 Israeli companies according to Dunn & Bradstreet. He owns many real estate projects in Israel and around the world. Dizengoff is also involved in the Israeli commodities market.
David Nimrodi
CEO of Shitufit Construction Co. Ltd.
In 1986, he founded Shitufit Construction Co. Ltd. and as an experienced engineer, he leads the company as Managing Director. Shitufit specializes in implementing the highest standards.
Ranni Gorelik
Manager of Sterna Ltd.
Manager with significant experience in international trade, financing, and development. He is active in the USA, Israel, Spain, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.


Every project is a challenge that moves us forward. Every apartment we build is a commitment. We combine current trends with what home means to you.  Whether it's maximum comfort, innovative living, or a safe space for the whole family.

We're experienced, progressive and we aim for success – your satisfaction.